Over the last few hundred years, some of my ancestors and relatives have invested their time and efforts to document family history. Pieces of this information are currently held by more than a dozen of my relatives. No one individual has a complete collection of information, although some come close. This information is being passed down by hand copying (transcribing) or by making photo copies. Some of the copies are copies of copies of copies and cannot be used because they are not clear enough. Copies of photos are almost non-existent because it costs too much to have them duplicated with quality results. Without regard to cost, it is a fact that a 3rd or 4th generation copy of any photo is almost useless.


Any change to make it easier to pass along family history completely and accurately will benefit future generations


Today, with the aid of computers, it requires almost no cost to copy and share entire family genealogies and digitized photos. These genealogies and photos can be copied quickly, effortlessly, and all with no loss of data accuracy or photo quality (not even after 100 copy generations!)


This information can be shared at little or no cost via:

         Data disk


         An Internet web page



Mission Statement


         To acquire family history from multiple sources and accurately transcribe it from paper to computer

         To include digitized photos

         To make this information easy and inexpensive to copy and share with family

         Encourage others to accurately build upon and maintain this information




Tim McFadden