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Family Tree & Old Family Photos

Family Tree

pb01 My Grandmother at age 1 sitting in my Great-Grandfather's lap

pb02 Uncle Charlie & Aunt Poly Peter

pb03 Uncle Harry Peter & wife

pb04 Uncle John Martin & Mary Peter
Alfred, Emma Jane, John

pb05 Alfred and May Peter's family 1893

pb06 The John Elliotts 1912

pb07 My Great-Great-Grandparents and their children

pb08 Silas Cushman and family

pb09 Lucy Cushman Frank Mayne

pb11 Elva & Leslie Cushman

pb12 John & Laura Elliott

pb13 Elmer & Mary Cushman

pb14 Ira & Stella Muse

pb15 Alfred Peter Family 1906

pb16 Alfred Peter 1906

pb17 Gladys Peter 2 years

pb18 Gladys Peter June 1917 Graduation H.S.

pb19 Wallace and Gladys McFadden - December 1920

pb20 Charles & Myrtle Winegar - August 31, 1922

pb22 Alfred, Emily, Ernest Peter Taken in England, in 1906

pb23 Clinton, Stella, Lucy, Leslie Cushman

pb24 Earl and Kate Peter 1907

pb 26 Frank and Alta Whitmore 1909

pb 28 Mabel, Myrtle, Gladys Peter 1919

pb41 Alfred Peter, Mabel Cushman, Alfred & Mabel Peter

pb42 Earl & Alta Peter; Alfred & Harry Peter; Frederick Charles Peter; Frank Whitmore - Alta Peter

pb43 Mabel & Laura Cushman; Great-Grandfather McCord & Emma; George Peter; Ernest Peter

pb44 Irving Elliott; Lester Cushman; Estella & Estella Gladys; Myrtle, Alta, Earl, Avery, Ada

1937 Family Photo with index. Includes:
Peter, Cushman, Whitmore, Winegar, McFadden,
Johnson, Long, Boggs, Osborn


more photos coming as I have time to prepare them and post them.


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Family Tree